Whats Happening ?

10 wheels on my wagon!

Trevor and Adrian drive over to South Molton to meet Norman and then they all travel on to the engineering works where Norman had arranged to have the centres of the cast iron wheels drilled out to accept axles.  10 wheels had been cast so that 2 could be used for display purposes.  Just to confuse matters, the engineer who was doing the machining is also called Trevor.  The wheels were awaiting collection when the gang arrived.  Following some discussion as to diameter and length, engineer Trevor cuts some bar to be used a s axles.  Next, following even more discussion, he cuts some tube and flat bar which he quickly welds to form a ‘trial’ bearing for the each wheel. This will be taken back to the replica and  offered up to see if it will do the job for which it is designed.  If this does the job the Trevor will be asked to fabricate enough for every wheel –  2 per wheel!

This bearing is not an exact copy of the originals that belong to Bude Stratton Town Council from which the wooden template was first made but, hopefully, it is close enough to be effective without having to go to some much more complicated and expensive fabrication.