Whats Happening ?

23rd December 2009

Wednesday 23rd

Two 30feet long RSJ’s are delivered to the site.  They are to be used as a base for a temporary bridge to span the lick chamber in order to make access to either side much quicker.  Norman Richards ordered the steel, through a contact of his, and helped with the delivery and off-loading, assisted by Barry and Trevor.  Adrian, in the meantime, takes care of the most important job – making the tea!

Michael operated the 22RB to lift the steel from a long trailer and placed them alongside the lock chamber where struts and decking can be added before the finished bridge is lifted into place.

Whilst the unloading was being undertaken, the weather decided to complicate the task.  Heavy rain began to fall onto the ground that was already covered in a thick coating of ice.  Fortunately the job was soon completed and everyone made a break for shelter and warmth.