Whats Happening ?

29th October 2009

The largest sections of timber to be added to the gates have to be repositioned for marking up.  Using the 22RB is the obvious means of manoeuvring such heavy weights so Adrian starts it up while Trevor and Barry continue boring holes.

The crane starts up easily and Adrian works the boom hoist and lift clutches to warm them up.  Unfortunately he cannot get the propulsion clutch to engage consequently is unable to drive the crane to the position in which it needs to be; another mechanical set-back! Trevor, Barry and Adrian resort to the ‘Egyptian way’,  using rollers and the pulling power of the dumper to shift the timbers.

The sections of wood to be removed to form the scarf-joints necessary to make up the large lengths of timber they need Is marked out and  Adrian cuts them out using his chain saw.

 In the meantime Trevor and Barry continue boring holes until unfortunately the tip of the bit breaks off and a replacement has to be found.  Despite wrecking the bit and the crane misbehaving it has been a very productive day.