Whats Happening ?

3rd October 2009

Alistair and Adrian change the reeving of the boom from clamshell work to craning.  This entails removing the clamshell bucket, its closing rope and tag line rope.  The power lift drive has to be reassembled and the connecting chain reinstated.  The hoist rope for the clamshell is not used when craning so that is disconnected and spooled back onto its drum and secured to stop it coming free and possibly fouling the other drums

A new crane rope is attached and then the hook block connected.  Everything went very smoothly and Alistair then tested the system.  Once he was confident that all was holding correctly he and Adrian attached two lifting strops to the hook. Within a very short time both lock gates have been lifted, turned over and set down in a position that will enable the work necessary to widen them to continue.