Whats Happening ?

5th September 2009

Michael spends most of the day removing silt from the lock chamber and found, and recovered, another curved coping stone from the wing wall. 

He has managed to reach and dredge quite a long way past the outer gate recesses but still not quite to the river. Until more hard core is obtained and the wing wall built up to extend the working platform he will be unable to move the crane to a position where he can reach the mouth of the canal.

 He has removed the silt build-up from the exits of both paddle tunnels and the one thought to be blocked appears to have water flowing through it, which is very pleasing.

Due to heavy rain recently the river is flowing fast and high.  This means that the water in the lock chamber is not emptying as much as when the river is low so at the moment the exits of the paddle tunnels cannot be clearly seen.