Whats Happening ?

Winding gear and platforms.

Trevor continues working on assembling the ground paddle lifting gear while Adrian sets about rebuilding the scaffold platform.  Barry arrives and having not been very well recently is unable to do much physically but tells Trevor and Adrian what the next stage of tub boat construction will be.  Michael Pryer arrives and moves the RB crane further along the wharf wall where Adrian intends to use it to lower  the scaffold platform against the damaged outer wing wall.

Later in the day, having attached strops to the platform, Adrian starts the crane.  Trevor and John, who had just arrived,  attach ropes to it and use them to guide the platform while Adrian lifts and lowers it into the lock chamber.  The platform sits a little lop-sided on the mud but is steady enough to be usable.

Adrian then lifts the platform back up onto the side and they pack up for the day.