Whats Happening ?

Ground paddles now working

John and Adrian set about assembling the second paddle-gate winding mechanism.  It is a much more straight forward process than before because they know what needs modifying. Finding a means of attaching safety pawls to the gearing created some difficulty but this was eventually sorted.  John spends a lot of time cutting, grinding and welding various bits of metal and eventually the whole assembly is ready for connecting to the ground paddle gate.  John has already fabricated a new lifting rod which needs to be cut to the correct length.  The head of the lifting rod has to be reduced in order to fit inside the rack and a key way has to be drilled into it.

Once all this is done Adrian uses the Kubota tractor to carry the lifting winch from the shed to the top of the lock wall where the mechanism is to be fixed.  The assembly is incredibly heavy.  John climbs down into the mouth of the ground paddle chamber and bolts on the new lifting rod.  After  a considerable amount of ‘tweaking’ and grinding, The rod slides home and is locked in place.  The up-stand is manoeuvred into place and bolted to the ground.

The bolts holding the up-stand are set into holes drilled in the ground and fixed with a very strong adhesive.  The efficiency of the winding mechanisms cannot be tested until the next day after the adhesive has hardened but they both look good.  After applying a generous measure of  grease to all the moving parts John and Adrian pack up for the day.