Whats Happening ?

Bits and Pieces

Trevor, Barry and Adrian continie working on the lead tub-bot construction.  While Barry sets the joints between the bow and side-chines Trevor and Adrian bore and countersink hole through which bolts will pass to hole the joints firm.Barry then sets out the positions where mortise sockets have to be cut to accommodate the rib posts.  Adrian and Trevor begin to cut out the sockets.

Following lunch Barry returns home to deal with other commitments.  Trevor and Adrian collect a load of hardcore and use it to fill the trench behind the outer wing wall where Adrian had been rebuilding the inner edge.

Having packed up for the day Adrian has to return to the site workshop to collect some tools and becomes involved with the Allen Scythe cutting bar.  It is badly corroded and the side to side cutting action is seized.  Following a considerable drenching in penetrating oil Adrian finally manages to undo all the bolts and completely dismantle to bar. It is now ready for restoration and followed by reassembly.