Whats Happening ?

9th July 2009

Trevor and Adrian begin reassembling the main clutch.  The replacement clutch is a modified, improved version of the original, damaged one but that leads to some head scratching as to how best to fit it.  The original bolts attaching the clutch to the engine are too long for the new one so they have to go shopping for shorter replacement bolts that have the same UNF threads – not easy to find but eventually they are successful

After a lot of effort Adrian manages to insert and fully tighten all the retaining bolts and hopes that the clutch is correctly aligned and functional.

John appears at the end of the afternoon and helps reinstate the main clutch sprocket and the large transmission drive gear wheel. A huge amount of exertion is required to pull the fastening nuts up tight but finally all is fixed properly.

Alistair and Viv’ Ogden arrive for the weekend.