Whats Happening ?

A new slip on a new block?

Adrian has decided that a slip into the wharf would be very useful.  Not only could it be used for launching and retrieving small boats but it could double as an inclined plane for the replica  tub-boats.  In order to create the slip a new wall will be required at that will need foundations.  It is decided to cast some large blocks of concrete for this purpose.  While Adrian bends 2 lengths of reinforcing bar to set into the top of the first block to act as lifting ‘eyes’ Trevor sets up the cement mixer and begins to mix a load of concrete.  Adrian next sets up a former and before long the first block is cast.  Nothing more  can be done in this line today since the last of the concrete ballast has been used up.  More will have to be ordered.

To date 92 coping ‘stones’, 8 quoin ‘stones’ and foundation block have been cast.  That’s a lot of concrete!