Whats Happening ?

A very hot place!

Hilary,  Adrian and Trevor travel to Telford to take the tub-boat wheel pattern to the foundry at Blist’s Hill Victorian Town Museum. When they arrive at the foundry, Roger Fewtrell, the forge master and his assistant are hard at work tapping molten iron from the blast furnace flask and pouring it into a variety of molds. When eventually all the molds are filled and all the tools cleaned and equipment shut down in the appropriate manner Adrian and Roger have a long discussion about how best to cast the wheels.  This is not a straight-forward task because of the large, central boss on each wheel and the hole through which an axle has to pass. It is decided to leave the pattern with Mr Fewtrell who will give the problem more thought and probably have a go at casting a wheel the following week. Later the three meet up with Tony Mugridge, the museum’s itinerant brick-maker and they are given a very interesting tour around the derelict brick and clay processing plant on the museum site.

Hilary and Adrian met Tony several years ago when he offered to run a field-based brick-making course, using Victorian methods at Sea Lock .

 This is a wonderful idea which is still being considered although there are number of problems to overcome before it can be made a reality.