Whats Happening ?

All systems GO!

It was a scene of much activity at Sea Lock  today. A crew of seven were on site and busily working away on a variety of tasks. Trevor and Steve stripped down the paddle mechanism of the reed-cutting boat and checked that all was running smoothly.  They then re-assembled the gear box and set about removing the damaged paddle blades.  Having achieved all of that they began de-rusting paintwork and repainting with grey primer. In the meantime Carol assisted by Guy were caulking the gaps between the side planking on the tub boat whilst  Barry was boring holes for the location of towing-eye bolts. Adrian was fixing guttering to the roof of the boat shed while Norman prepared a mix of mortar and began lying stones on the wharf wall.  After lunch Barry wanted the tub boat turned onto its side so that the knees at either end could be bolted through the floor.  All hands were temporarily stopped while attention was given to re-positioning tub boat. With Adrian operating the RB crane the lifting and turning of the tub boat was very quickly and safely achieved. At this point Barry had to return to Bideford, taking Carol and Guy with him.  Steve continued working on the paddle boat whilst Norman and Adrian finished off the load of mortar that Norman had previously mixed. Another very productive day’s work.