Whats Happening ?

Ancient Egyptians meet Noah?

Its another cold but dry day which enables Trevor and Adrian to continue working on the wharf wall.  They construct a ‘runway’by laying out scaffold planks and old pallets on which they intend to move three large coping blocks.  The blocks have already been levered sufficiently off the boards on which they were cast to slip short lengths of scaffold poles in thunderer to act as rollers.  They have used this method before and found it to be surprisingly efficient.  Once the runway is in position they use levers to move the blocks, one at a time to their respective places on top of the wall. Great care has to be taken as the blocks get closer to the top of the wall. The last thing Trevor and Adrian want is for one of the blocks to roll free off the edge.

Once the blocks have reached their final resting place they have to be leveled up and propped so that concrete can be pushed in underneath them and a final level of stones laid to fill the gap on the outer face left to help manoeuvre the blocks.  By the end of the day they have successfully got all three in position but not concreted in.  Unfortunately they do not have sufficient cements to complete this which will have to wait for another day.

While Trevor and Adrian were playing at being Ancient Egyptians, Barry was working hard on the second tub-boat.  First he draws out and cuts to size on a piece of hardboard  the template for the stem post. He next continues cutting mortises in the chines for the ribs.  He uses a large wood bit in a power drill to remove most of the wood and then uses a large chisel to finish each hole.  This is hard and tedious work but progress is being made.