Whats Happening ?

And yet more floor boards!

Trevor and Adrian are keen to complete laying floorboards on the tub boat, in preparation for Alistair arriving on Friday, but its is drizzling outside and the sealant bitumen cannot be applied to wet surfaces. Fortunately the fine rain stops falling and Trevor has the brilliant idea of drying the areas where the bitumen is to be spread using a hot air gun.   Before long they are fixing down the remaining, pre-drilled boards.  Eventually there is space for only one more and it tapers which is absolutely perfect.  Adrian planes a wide, wedge-shaped board to fit the space and it is duly hammered into place, making a very tight, waterproof fit.  It is bolted down and two last fillets that fit between the edges of the wheel sockets are cut to fit and finally the first tub boat floor if finished!  The seams are smoothed over and the whole surface given another coat of preservative.  The next job is to turn the boat over and begin the upper structure.