Whats Happening ?

And yet more planks.

Adrian tries to start the crane since the tree trunks are too heavy to man-handle onto the saw-bench but discovers that the batteries are flat.  This is not helped by the weather being very cold.  Trevor attaches the battery booster and after several minutes of turning the engine over it eventually fires and begins to run ‘happily’.  With John acting as ‘lift Master’ he and Trevor attach strops onto a section of tree trunk and Adrian lifts it up and onto the saw bench.  While John B sets about sawing the trunk to the required sizes aided by the rest of the gang removing and stacking the cut timber, Adrian works extremely hard at sitting in the crane cab watching all the activity. He doesn’t’ want to stop the crane engine between lifts for fear of being unable to get it started again and is not prepared to leave the crane with its engine running unattended..

After several trunks have been sawn and stacked a stop is called for lunch.  Adrian is feeling a little guilty since he has been nice and warm inside the cab during the morning whilst the others had to endure a shower of rain and hail although only light. Following lunch the gang return to lifting and sawing.  The crane once again needs to battery booster in order to get the engine running.  Despite running for several hours during the morning the batteries have not charged at all.  Something is obviously wrong in this departmental to which Trevor will need to direct his mechanical/electrical knowledge later.

By the middle of the afternoon most of  the trunks have been sawn and John packs up his saw.  Roy and Norman have had a go at working the saw and are well-impressed by its capabilities.  They help John to clean the saw and prepare it for the road.  Both Johns and Roy head for home.

Adrian moves the crane to a convenient position in which to park it and puts it ‘to bed’ while Trevor and Norman cover over the stacks of timber to protect it from the elements.  This has been another successful and productive day.