Whats Happening ?

Tuesday August 24th

Trevor and Adrian complete the ratchet assembly on the inner Eastern wall gate. Initially they locate the safety pawl in the wrong position so that it is jumping out of the ratchet and not securing the paddle gate from dropping. After a rethink they attach the pawl in a different place and everything works fine.


Wednesday August 18th

Adrian casts another coping stone block and then rebuilds a bit more of the damaged wharf wall.

Sunday August 15th

Chris Hassall helped by Adrian, Hilary and Ray Patt lead a private party of 26 from R.H.S.Rosemore Gardens through the woods to the head of the leat at Darkham Weir.From this point the party followed the course of the leat back down the Valley to the remains of the tucking mill and the lime kiln […]

Friday August 13th

After dithering for a while as to the ‘intentions’ of the weather, Adrian and Norman finally decide to work on the canal, modifying the paddle-gate lifting mechanism. Unfortunately the lifting rods which arrived with the gates are too short and the only available tube is of a larger diameter. The problem is solved by cutting […]

Thursday August 12th

Trevor and Adrian begin assembling the paddle gate winding mechanism on the other gate. Just before lunch Norman arrives and by the end of the afternoon the whole of the head assembly of the winding gear is fixed in place but not connected to the paddle gate itself. Everything looks really good. There is a […]