Whats Happening ?

Bits and Bobs!

Trevor and Barry are left to their own devises today since Adrian has another commitment elsewhere.  The boards which will be used to clad the sides of the lead tub boat have been stacked out in the open air for quite some time now.  They have weighted in such a way as to encourage the wood to bend but without significant movement to date.  Barry suggests that the timber will bend more easily if it is soaked so they set about re-stacking the boards inside the finished tub boat which is holding water.To increase the depth of water at one end of the tub boat  they use Trevor’s heavy duty car jack to raise the other end and prop it.   By lunch time all the cladding is re positioned with one end of the boards soaking nicely.  Barry has to leave and Adrian returns.

Trevor gives his attention to the electrical circuitry in the Priestman Cub which at some time had shorted out and badly damaged the wiring.  Much of it will have to be replaced with new cables.  Adrian uses his time to assemble a mold in order to cast another coping stone. Another day in which odd but important jobs have satisfactorily been completed.