Whats Happening ?

Bits and pieces.

While the weather continues to be frustratingly unreliable, trying to get much done outside somewhat haphazard.  Trevor, Barry, Carol and David all turn up for  ‘duty’ at Sea Lock today and Adrian can’t decide how best to use their time.  Eventually   Trevor and Barry begin measuring up and cutting the donated balance beams which will be sawn down to make cladding for the second tub-boat.  While Barry uses a chainsaw to cut the beams Trevor employs the power of the Kubota to lift, move and stack the lengths in readiness for the arrival of a portable band saw.  The Kubota is not running very well especially when driving up the slope to where the balance beams are.  Fuel starvation is suspected   The fuel tank is certainly very low and more diesel is required but not instantly available.

While Trevor and Barry work with the timber Adrian and David level a pile of hardcore and Carol finishes cleaning and oiling the threads of some rusty scaffold clips.  None of theses jobe are very exciting but all help progress the restoration project.