Whats Happening ?

Bucket or Hook?

Alistair and his wife, Viv’ have arrived for the weekend.  He and Adrian are planning to ‘swop’ the hook block for the clam-shell bucket on the RB crane.  This is not a simple process because it normally entails a lot of time in spooling ropes off and on winding  drums as well as disconnecting and reconnecting the tail ends of the ropes.  Adrian has acquired a quick release connection which should help speed up the process of changeover but needs Alistair to sort it out.

The changeover goes surprising easily and it isn’t long before Alistair is testing the new set up by raising a lowering the clam shell.  He then sets about moving silt from one location to another in order to create  space for dumping more hardcore.

Once he has completed this task he drives the crane to the side of the lock chamber and retrieves a coping stone which had been stacked with another, waiting for the time when it would be replaced in its proper position.  Unfortunately some poor, misguided, misunderstood and unloved yobs decided it would be fun to push it over the edge and watch it splash into the silt!  It was lucky that they only pushed one and not both of them in and that there was little chance of it washing away!