Whats Happening ?

Cat walk finished.

While waiting for Trevor to arrive, who had been receiving the unwelcome attentions of his dentist, Adrian continues bolting the final bracket to one of  lock gates, which will carry that half of the cat walk.  Everything is going reasonably well when the 17mm socket slips off the ratchet driver and falls between the gate and the lock chamber wall into the water below.  Adrian is not amused!  As he looks for another socket Trevor arrives and between the two soon have the bracket bolted firmly to the gate.  They then check through the stack of sawn Oak for 2 suitable boards for the decking.  As is par for the course, the boards best suited are at the bottom  of the stack but are eventually extracted and carried to where required.  As on the catwalk on the other gate, one plank has to be notched to allow for an upright which supports the paddle winding mechanism but that is quickly measured, sawn and chiseled out.  The board is offered up. bolt holes marked, drilled and finally fixed in place.  The second board requires some planing so that it fits better to the first.  It is also the drilled and bolted down.   To get the correct angle between the cat walk boards on either side the two gates are closed.  The mitres are set, the angles sawn and 50mm square battens are bolted across the ends of the boards to tie them together and strengthen them.  The brackets still  need bolting to the gates underneath the boards and then painting which will be left for another day.   The cat walks now enable quick passage from one side of the lock chamber to the other and a safe platform on which to stand when operating the gate paddles.