Whats Happening ?

The start of something big!

Four volunteers from the RC&NDWS today made a start on what may turn out to be a major project at the terminus of Lord Roll’e Canal on property belonging to RHS Rosemoor Gardens, in Torrington. This is where there was a canal basin and where the leat which fed the canal, and prior to that […]

So nearly there!

While Adrian warms up the engine and clutches of the RB, Trevor organizes lifting strops for moving the two most recently cast coping stones onto the wharf wall. When Adrian begins tracking the crane to the position it needs to be in, the offside drive chain decides to slip off the rear sprocket. Despite attaching […]

Like a beetle on its back

The workforce is highly depleted today. Trevor has ‘twisted his ankle and is finding it uncomfortable to move around on so is at home resting it. Ian doesn’t like getting muddy so has cried off and Adrian is temporarily involved in something else so when Barry arrives he sets off to work on the tub […]

Grovelling in the mud

Lots of things are happening on site today. Barry is using a power planer to remove excess wood from all sorts of places on the boat while Ian is drilling more holes in the wheel retaining straps .Adrian is removing sections of scaffolding along the wharf wall which is no longer needed and Carol […]

So near, yet so far!

Adrian had been hoping to complete rebuilding the length of wharf wall as far as the corner section before the end of 2013 but here he was on the last day of the year, working with Norman, craning more block onto its top. Having roughly laid these blocks in place Adrian estimates he needs 4 […]