Whats Happening ?

Like a couple of convicts

Today Trevor and Adrian took a trailer to Beam Quarry to collect some walling stone. The owners of the quarry, Torrington Stone (Mr Brian Setchell, retired, and his son, Peter) have kindly donated 5 tons of selected stone to the restoration of Sea Lock. Trevor and Adrian were allowed to rummage about on several large […]

A new slip on a new block?

Adrian has decided that a slip into the wharf would be very useful. Not only could it be used for launching and retrieving small boats but it could double as an inclined plane for the replica tub-boats. In order to create the slip a new wall will be required at that will need foundations. It […]

Full steam ahead!

Steve and Trevor complete covering the inside of the paddle boat with bitumastic paint. Following in the best traditions of Henry Ford the paddle-boat is turning a very delicate shade of black! Adrian does a bit of site tidying and then decides to cast yet another coping ‘stone’. Later all three set about reinstating the […]

Even more boat turning!

Now the the bitumastic paint on the bottom of the paddle boat has dried Trevor and Adrian set about turning it from upside down to the right way up. Using a block and tackle they eventually manage to get the boat turned onto its side but then have to alternately jack up the bow and […]

Turning yet another boat.

Now that new steel plate is firmly welded to the bottom of the paddle boat Steve is keen to get it painted so that re-installing the workings can begin soon. In order to paint the bottom properly it is decided to turn the boat from its side to completely upside down. Using a continuous chain […]