Whats Happening ?

All systems GO!

It was a scene of much activity at Sea Lock today. A crew of seven were on site and busily working away on a variety of tasks. Trevor and Steve stripped down the paddle mechanism of the reed-cutting boat and checked that all was running smoothly. They then re-assembled the gear box […]

Open Day

Starting at 2.00pm over 85 members of the general public visited the site of the Sea Lock today as part of an ‘Open Day’ opportunity for people to see for first hand the progress of restoration of the site. Boards erected at key points along from the way in from Annery Kiln provided text […]

Like Lazarus risen from the dead!

Wesley, Norman and Bob spend the day working on the Mogul. It has not been running for many years and there is a great deal of cleaning out accumulated debris from its carburetor, single cylinder and clutch bearings. While they are involved in this Adrian and Aidan erect marquees where exhibitions are going to be […]

10 wheels on my wagon!

Trevor and Adrian drive over to South Molton to meet Norman and then they all travel on to the engineering works where Norman had arranged to have the centres of the cast iron wheels drilled out to accept axles. 10 wheels had been cast so that 2 could be used for display purposes. Just to […]

Another brick and a couple of copers in the wall.

The hot and dry sunny spell continues. Trevor and Adrian carry on where they left off yesterday. By the end of the day they have managed to finish an eight foot long section of wharf wall including laying on top two more copers. After Trevor returns home Adrian begins dismantling the scaffolding in front of […]