Whats Happening ?

Another brick (stone!) in the wall.

The change from cold, wet weather to hot and sunny allows Trevor and Adrian to return to re-building the wharf wall. Building progresses well but the mortar is setting so quickly that water has to be constantly added to keep it workable.

The bees keep at it!

A change in the weather has brought more activity to the Sea Lock Site again today. Neither Trevor nor Adrian are available but Barry has arrived with Carol and between them they set about fixing in place the last two boards to the port and starboard sides of the butty boat. They then begin fitting […]

Cutting holes for wheels.

Barry, Trevor and Adrian spend quite a lot of time leveling and squaring the chines for the lead boat. The bow section has already been cut roughly to shape and Barry sets about accurately measuring and marking out the dimensions of the boat and the positions where mortises have to be cut for the accommodation […]

Like ‘Busy Bees!’

Despite the weather still being wet and unseasonable there is much activity at Sea Lock today. Trevor arrives, later followed by Barry and Carol who work together on fitting the butty tub-boat’s knees and elbows. This requires a lot of fine-sawing, planing as well as ‘fiddling’ about. Working out in the open exposed to frequent, […]

Volunteer Day – Life’s Journey Project

Trevor, Steve and Adrian join a group of other volunteers to begin the task of creating a permissive footpath along a section of Lord Rolle’s Canal belonging to Clinton Devon Estates. (Lord Clinton is a descendant of the Rolle family).

The Rolle Canal & Northern Devon Waterways Society is a beneficiary of a grant from […]