Whats Happening ?

And yet more tweaking.

Following Bob’ s suggestion Alistair starts the crane with the intention of making a channel through the mud in the centre if the lock which should allow water flow to cut through and remove some of the silt. Having cooled down since the previous days working the carefully adjusted clutches decide to bind again and […]

Tweaking the crane!

Alistair is down for the weekend. While Viv’ goes of shopping in Bideford he, Trevor and Adrian try to get the crane operating smoothly. The adjustment on each clutch band and the brake bands is quite critical. While Alistair is in charge of operating the controls Trevor slackens or tightens the appropriate nuts.

Adrian is […]

Trevor plays ‘hide and seek!’

Norman was counting cranes not sheep overnight and has come to the conclusion that the horrible ‘grunging noises were simply due to lack of oil. He and Trevor had put some multigrade in the previous day but only a small amount. referring to the instruction manual, always a good idea when all else fails, He […]

Springs and bands come together, nearly.

Finally the postman delivers a package containing a replacement cushion spring. Trevor arrives carrying the newly relined boom hoist bands, all nicely painted and sets about re-intsatlling the boom hoist mechanism.

Before replacing the very heavy and awkward to manoeuvre hoist-drum laggings they decide to start the engine and test the lifting of the boom. […]

Way to go!

Trevor and Norman set off very early in the morning to travel to Birmingham. Norman has located a company that will reline the boom hoist clutch bands while he waits. He was unable to find any other company willing to take on the job without a considerable delay.

Arriving at the Birmingham workshop at the […]