Whats Happening ?

Steve does a ‘Time Team’.

Steve keeps busy working on removing debris and overburden along the wharf wall in preparation of rebuilding. He finds it compulsive and surprisingly satisfying. Trevor and Adrian meantime, continue trying to release the seized hoist drum. After spending a great deal of time and applying quantities of grease and penetrating oil a small measure of […]

Missing springs and worn bands.

Having successfully lowered the boom Trevor and Norman discover that the boom-hoist cushion-spring is missing which means there is no proper adjustment to the boom hoist clutch. Where the spring should be a number of over-sized nuts have been installed as spacers. Not much ‘give’ in them. This may account for why the boom has […]

Trevor gets down and dirty (again!)

Following the input from David regarding setting up the clutch and brake bands properly, Trevor spends the day removing the driving-clutch bands, turning them over and re instating them. The bands have worn unevenly over the years and the process of reversing them should lengthen their working life as well as make them operate smoothly […]

Like a new pin.

New to the area and new to the elite team of voluntary workers at Sea Lock, is Steve Blazey. He spends the day clearing the build-up of mud in and around the tracks and undercarriage of the crane. Having completed that task he applies a coat of oil mixed with diesel to the undercarriage to […]

Safely down at last!

Trevor, Norman and Adrian are joined by David Jones, in person. He has traveled from his home in Bridgwater to give on the spot advice as to how to release the seized boom hoist clutch. After Norman and Trevor take the tension off various brake and clutch bands Adrian is given the task of starting […]