Whats Happening ?

Ropes and drums.

Thanks to Alistair, Adrian is given the contact details of David Jones. David was employed by RB as a driver / mechanic. Following a long telephone conversation between him and Adrian the solution to the boom problem is made clear.

Trevor, Norman and Adrian begin the slow and laborious task of pulling off the holding […]

Still no wheels on my wagon BUT!

Hilary and Adrian make the long journey to Blist’s Hill Victorian Village Museum to collect the cast iron wheels for the tub-boat construction project. The Foundry master, Roger Fewrell, had earlier in the week ‘phoned to say that he had finished casting the wheels, (ten of them), and they were ready to be picked up.


Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Trevor and Adrian spend the day digging silt away from the outer edge of the western wing wall. The silt is incredibly sticky and clings to the blades of their shovels as well as their boots.

Unfortunately the RB with its clamshell bucket attached cannot be used since the nearest solid surface where the crane […]

Repairs and servicing.

Having started the dumper where it was last parked and begun driving it towards its usual parking space Trevor finds that he is suddenly stuck in gear. Unfortunately something has happened to the clutch. Trevor and Adrian find a sheet of plywood that can be used to lay under the machine so that Trevor can […]

Follow that wall!

Adrian asks Alistair to excavate some of the silt from the mouth of the canal to see how much of the original wall exists and to look for signs of where boats may have been built and launched. The ground on which the crane is parked is not very firm and after a while Alistair […]