Whats Happening ?

Bucket or Hook?

Alistair and his wife, Viv’ have arrived for the weekend. He and Adrian are planning to ‘swop’ the hook block for the clam-shell bucket on the RB crane. This is not a simple process because it normally entails a lot of time in spooling ropes off and on winding drums as well as disconnecting and […]

Spring clean?

Trevor and Adrian complete bolting the cat-walk brackets to the sides of the RB. All that is required now is the actual platform to walk on which hasn’t been fabricated yet.

Since the Sea Lock site is more suitable to planting rice than trying to continue any building work they next decide to spend time […]

Playing with big boys’ toys

Having had a considerable lay-off from working at Sea Lock due to the intervention of annual holidays and the constraints brought about by prolonged periods of appalling weather Trevor and Adrian set about fixing catwalks to the RB22. Climbing up and down over the tracks to access the driving cab and engine compartments has proved […]

Cladding grows

Trevor and Adrian continue cutting to length and attaching cladding to the sides of the tub-boat. By the end of the day the claldding is 2 boards high on either side. Despite pre-drilling the holes, driving the galvanized nails through the boards into the Oak ribs proves very difficult and requires applying considerably ‘welly’ with […]

A very hot place!

Hilary, Adrian and Trevor travel to Telford to take the tub-boat wheel pattern to the foundry at Blist’s Hill Victorian Town Museum. When they arrive at the foundry, Roger Fewtrell, the forge master and his assistant are hard at work tapping molten iron from the blast furnace flask and pouring it into a variety of […]