Whats Happening ?

Cladding the other side.

Adrian decides to fix the first board on the other side of the trailing tub-boat started yesterday. Following exactly the same process as before the board is cut to length, joining surfaces spread with bitumen and the board nailed and screwed in place. It takes rather longer than the first since managing on his own […]

Cladding goes up.

Norman arrives to view the progress made on the tub-boat construction project. He and Adrian can’t resist adding to it so they decide to offer up one of the long boards set aside for cladding the sides. They mark out the board and cut it to length . Next they apply a layer of trowelling […]

The last post?

Just before Trevor and Adrian arrive to resume working on the tub-boat Mike Chambers brings his yacht, which is to be over-wintered on the wharf-side, into the lock chamber. They spend a while mooring it before Trevor and Adrian continue fixing the tub-boat ribs into place.

The remaining mortise sockets require cleaning out and squaring […]

Inserting ribs

Barry has completed the wooden templates for the tub-boat wheels and delivers them to Adrian’s house where Trevor has also just arrived.

Down at Sea Lock, Barry and Trevor attach strops to the front bucket of the Kubota tractor and the lead-boat chines which are sitting on top of the completed base of the following […]

Later starter

Strolling along the side of the canal, going to the Sea Lock site, Adrian is somewhat startled by at first hearing and then seeing a very young duckling, on the water, frantically searching for its mother.

The Mallard chick approaches several adult females only to be rebuffed. The duckling then starts searching in the opposite […]