Whats Happening ?

Queen Boadicea rides again!

Following the acquisition of the paddle-driven weed-cutting boat Adrian decides to add to the collection of death-defying machines by resurrecting an ancient Allen Scythe that he abandoned on the side of the canal several years ago. He had worked the machine in the past but it was somewhat cantankerous and had the nasty habit of […]

Advanced driving lessons.

Adrian takes advantage of a lull in the proceedings to get Alistair to teach him how to move the crane. He is reasonably confident now in controlling the boom, lifting lowering and rotating but does not know how to drive the crane to different areas of the site. After a demonstration and some instruction from […]

Flipping tub boats.

While Alistair starts up the RB and works through various maneuvers to ease the clutches Adrian attaches lifting strops to the tub boat base. Alistair then drives the crane closer to the tub boat. John is on hand to help with the lift and attaches the strops to the crane’s block-hook. With John acting as […]

And yet more floor boards!

Trevor and Adrian are keen to complete laying floorboards on the tub boat, in preparation for Alistair arriving on Friday, but its is drizzling outside and the sealant bitumen cannot be applied to wet surfaces. Fortunately the fine rain stops falling and Trevor has the brilliant idea of drying the areas where the bitumen is […]

Wood and wheels

Trevor and Adrian start the day by replenishing stocks of coach bolts, trowelling bitumen and wood filler. The weather is very poor so they are restricted to working under cover but use the time in preparing more boards for the tub boat floor. Suitable timber for the floorboards is in short supply and those that […]