Whats Happening ?

Getting strapped down

Being so close to the Christmas festivities no work was planned for today but Barry wanted to get on with fixing the wheels to the lead tub boat. He arrived intending to spend a little time in preparation to fixing the steel straps which hold the axles in place to the bottom of the boat. […]

Still looking for the pot of gold!

The end is nigh?

Trevor and Adrian prepare the RB22 for work. The batteries are installed, connected up, the engine started and the clutches warmed. All is ready for action. Adrian has already jacked up 3 of the previously cast coping ‘stones’ onto battens of wood so that lifting strops can be easily slipped in underneath and attached to […]

Lifting blocks and leaking oil

Trevor and Adrian start the day by taking the trailer to the local builders’ merchants and collecting a dumpy bag of silver sand and more cement. When they get back to Sea Lock, Adrian uses the RB to lift off the silver sand out of the trailer and then assembles the mould to cast another […]

Moving blocks and lifting boats

While Adrian is removing the shuttering from a block he cast the previous day, Trevor prepares a mix of concrete to cast another block. Adrian rebuilds the mould on a clear pallet and before long this is filled and left to set. Trevor cleans out the mixer while Adrian starts up the RB. Between them […]