Whats Happening ?

Full steam ahead!

Trevor and Norman complete stripping down and cleaning the 8horse power, side-valved Ford engine from the paddle boat. They decide that the only way to check if everything is okay is to reassemble it and try starting it on the bench. Adrian gets on with planing timber for the tub boat.

A battery is connected […]

Unexpected visitors.

John calls in on Adrian to tell him he is about to catch a boat! A sailing yacht ,with a mast of at least 20feet in height, has slipped her mooring just above Bideford New Bridge and has drifted up river on the rising tide, nearly as far as Ha’penny Bridge. The boat has managed […]

High tides and seized drives

The tide levels have been rising over the past few days culminating on a 6.7 metre high this evening. The gate and ground paddles have been left open overnight and Adrian closed them this morning just after the tide reached its high of 6.4 metres. Trevor and Adrian wait for the tide to fall to […]

Collecting paddle-boats

Adrian arranges for a flat bed lorry with a Hiab crane to collect the weed cutting paddle-boat from Bude. He and Trevor set off to meet the lorry driver at the prearranged time but the driver is 2 hours late due to having a puncture first thing in the morning.

They eventually arrive where the […]

Ground paddles now working

John and Adrian set about assembling the second paddle-gate winding mechanism. It is a much more straight forward process than before because they know what needs modifying. Finding a means of attaching safety pawls to the gearing created some difficulty but this was eventually sorted. John spends a lot of time cutting, grinding and welding […]