Whats Happening ?

Ground paddle winding gear sorted!

Finally the winding mechanism for lifting one of the ground paddle gates has been assembled. It still has to be bolted to the ground and have its safety pawl (the pecker) fitted but otherwise it works perfectly. After much bolting together and then disassembling because bits were jamming or not aligning and a fair measure […]

Stubborn lifting rods

John arrives to help Trevor and Adrian to release and remove the bent lifting rod. Trying unsuccessfully to undo the holding bolt John cuts it off with an angle grinder. Taking the rod to an anvil, John hits it very hard with a large sledge hammer and straightens the rod considerably. Unfortunately the rod is […]

Leaking cills and rusty rods

Trevor and Adrian work down in the lock chamber. First they clear out the large amount of silt that has accumulated behind the gate stop (again) and then caulk the gaps beneath the stop boards with lengths of hemp rope wedged in with slithers of Oak. Time is spent inside the ground paddle entrance trying […]

Historic boat acquired.

Following up on a telephone conversation with Alistair Ogden, Adrian has just acquired a very interesting piece of machinery to add to the site of Sea Lock. This machine is a 1930’s weed-cutting narrow boat. Her previous owner has spent much time in the past restoring her but with more pressing commitments has not been […]

Winding gear and platforms.

Trevor continues working on assembling the ground paddle lifting gear while Adrian sets about rebuilding the scaffold platform. Barry arrives and having not been very well recently is unable to do much physically but tells Trevor and Adrian what the next stage of tub boat construction will be. Michael Pryer arrives and moves the RB […]