Whats Happening ?

Sunday April 25th

The Rolle Canal Society holds it’s A.G.M. at R.H.S.Rosemore Gardens and Adrian is elected ‘chair’ for the forth-coming year.

Thursday April 22nd

Trevor and Adrian build more along the back of the wharf wall and then begin sorting suitable stone for continuing the front face. Jim Marshall, who is planning to write an article about the Rolle Canal pays a visit to the site.

Wednesday April 21st

Trevor and Adrian continue rebuilding the back face of the wharf wall.

Tuesday April 20th

Trevor and Adrian continue clearing the wall of invasive weed and loose masonry in preparation for rebuilding, In the meantime Barry starts sawing and planing to size a piece of oak to be used as a tongue for re-mortising one of the lock gate balance beams, the original being very rotten.


Sunday April 18th

Adrian is joined by a new volunteer, Ray Patt, and between them they remove a lot of debris build-up from the top and face of the wharf wall. This section is nearly ready for rebuilding.