Whats Happening ?

Saturday Apri 17th

Adrian and Hilary present an illustrated talk to members of the S.W. Maritime History Society in Bude which was very well received.

Friday April 16th

Trevor and Adrian continue clearing debris from the top of the wharf wall whilst waiting for the basin to drain of water as the tide falls so that they can continue extending the scaffold.

Thursday April 15th

Trevor and Adrian extend the scaffolding along the wharf wall by another 21feet and then begin stripping the debris and subsoil from it until they get back to a solid base to rebuild upon.

Wednesday April 1st

Trevor and Adrian render the back of the completed length of wharf wall to seal any potential points of water ingress. They then dig a trench along the next section, following the back edge of the wall in preparation for its rebuilding and begin clearing loose masonry and soil build-up.


Tuesday March 30th

Trevor and Adrian extend the run of scaffolding along the face of the wharf wall.