Whats Happening ?

Bits and pieces but work progresses.

Operating the Rb22 while Trevor directs, Adrian lowers the two most recently cast coping blocks onto the top of the wharf wall. Adrian parks the crane and then he and Trevor settle the blocks into place and level them using crow bars and levers. Trevor mixes a load of concrete and fills the void beneath […]

More attempts at bending timber.

Having already moved the planks to be used for cladding, the lead tub boat into the bottom of the wharf area in the hope of keeping the wood wetter, Barry decides that the the way in which the timbers have been stacked in order to bend them, is not right since the weight applied is […]

I can see for miles and miles!

National Windscreens send a fitter to Sea Lock to replace the damaged glass in the front screen and side window of the Cub with new toughened glass. Adrian is keen to see how the glass is cut to size on site. The fitter is a friendly and interesting man who reckons to have cut over […]

Getting It Together!

Norman arrives to help with sorting the mechanics of the Priestman which Alistair has now moved from the top of the drive down to the wharf side A jerry can has been strapped to the back of the crane and connected to the fuel intake because the original, internal tank is known to be contaminated […]

Late Night Delivery

Adrian is excited because he is expecting delivery of a new ‘toy’ today. He has acquired a Priestman Cub crawler crane which will be used to dredge sections of the canal and wharf basin. Alistair has come for the weekend to help with driving the crane from the low-loader which is transporting it, onto the […]