Whats Happening ?

Saturday Febuary 6th

Alistair operates the RB22 to lift and relocate the gates so that he can get the crane in a better position to lift into position the bridge, Adrian and Norman assist by pulling on ropes attached to each bottom corner

He then lifts and manoeuvres the bridge itself into position.


Friday 5th February

Alistair and Viv’ arrive for the weekend.

Tuesday February 2nd

Adrian takes the stop-boards to John Bowden who kindly reduces them to the required size on his mobile band saw.

Monday February 1st

Trevor, Hilary and Adrian make a trip to the B.W.depot and Devizes where Alistair has a load of redundant wooden stop-boards. These will be sawn down and used to deck the bridge across the lock chamber

Mon 25th Jan 2010

Monday 25th

Following a visit to the local builder’s merchants Trevor and Adrian apply thick coats of bitumastic to the joints between the gate extensions and the timbers are finally and permanently bolted together. The joints are then smoothed out and another coat of Creocote is applied to complete the seal.