Whats Happening ?

27th October 2009

The gates have to be widened by approximately 16 inches on both opening edges but first the existing mitres have to be cut off to provide a square edge to which the extensions can be firmly fixed. Having marked out the piece which is to be cut off Adrian applies his chain saw while Trevor […]

14th October 2009

Trevor continues de-rusting and painting the bars with rust.converter. Adrian in the meantime gives the upturned gates another dose of creocote and fills some of the large splits with trowelling bitumen .to seal them.

13th October 2009

Trevor and Adrian are joined by Norman and begin work on widening the inner gates. Adrian starts up the 22RB whist Trevor and Norman attach lifting strop to the hook block. The large sections of timber which are to be attached to the gates are hoisted from where they have been stacked, to where they […]

4th October 2009

Alistair shows Adrian how to operate the RB in crane mode. Adrian is first instructed as to how to manoeuvre the crane to a new position. Driving such a large beast, even at only two or three miles an hour is somewhat scary!

Alistair sets Adrian the task of raising and lowering the boom and […]

3rd October 2009

Alistair and Adrian change the reeving of the boom from clamshell work to craning. This entails removing the clamshell bucket, its closing rope and tag line rope. The power lift drive has to be reassembled and the connecting chain reinstated. The hoist rope for the clamshell is not used when craning so that is disconnected […]