Whats Happening ?

8th September 2009

Trevor and Adrian spend time in greasing and checking the 22RB after its major work-out with Michael. It is running very sweetly!

They then get down and dirty removing silt from the paddle chambers. Water is flowing through them both but they still contain considerable deposits. The exit of the eastern wall paddle chamber is […]

7th September 2009

Adrian gives the Kubota a thorough cleaning. He installs a new fuel filter, tops up the engine oil and greases all the moving parts. The machine is ready to return to Chris Hassall, its rightful owner, having once again proved to be an invaluable tool to this restoration project.

5th September 2009

Michael spends most of the day removing silt from the lock chamber and found, and recovered, another curved coping stone from the wing wall.

He has managed to reach and dredge quite a long way past the outer gate recesses but still not quite to the river. Until more hard core is obtained and […]

4th September 2009

Michael arrives in the afternoon and drives the crane forwards onto the newly levelled area of lock side so that the mouth of the canal can be dredged of silt. He still can’t reach the very end but clears a large mount from in front of the outer gate recess. A curved coping stone from […]

3rd September 2009

Once again Trevor and Adrian give their attention to the paddle gate. Eventually it surrenders and begins to lift and close quite easily. Unfortunately the space behind the gate is full of silt and water cannot pass through.

Having first secured the gate in its opened position Trevor and Adrian then laboriously begin to […]