Whats Happening ?

2nd September 2009

After much hammering and levering, and applying the Kubota’s lifting power, Trevor and Adrian manage to get the paddle gate moving slightly. During the process they both got soaked, not due to water in the paddle chamber but as a consequence of torrential rain falling while they were working.

1st September 2009

Trevor and Adrian finish levelling another load of hard core and then spend the rest of the day unsuccessfully endeavouring to raise the eastern wall paddle gate.

26th August 2009

Trevor and Adrian spend the day stock-piling building stone in order to make the area where the hard core is being levelled more accessible to the dumper truck and crane.

25th August 2009

Trevor and Adrian unload and level a load of hard core collected from a friend.

24th August 2009

Further deliveries of hard core are made and Adrian continues levelling and compressing it with the excavator.