Whats Happening ?

Hard labour in the quarries!

Adrian had hoped to continue wall-building today since the the temperature has risen considerably above freezing and the ground is still dry and firm. However the easterly wind is still bitterly cold and prolonged working in exposed areas is not a good idea.

Once again Trevor checks the RB’s batteries and finds, as is now […]

Cat walk finished.

While waiting for Trevor to arrive, who had been receiving the unwelcome attentions of his dentist, Adrian continues bolting the final bracket to one of lock gates, which will carry that half of the cat walk. Everything is going reasonably well when the 17mm socket slips off the ratchet driver and falls between the gate […]

Fighting on several fronts!

Trevor continues doing battle with the RB22 electrics What is so frustrating is that its electrical system is very primitive and yet Trevor cannot find out why the running engine does not charge the batteries. The alternator which he removed last Thursday, he has stripped down over the weekend and checked various components looking for […]

Bits and Bobs!

Trevor and Barry are left to their own devises today since Adrian has another commitment elsewhere. The boards which will be used to clad the sides of the lead tub boat have been stacked out in the open air for quite some time now. They have weighted in such a way as to encourage the […]

Flat batteries, grease and stone.

Having spent the previous day sawing some large tree trunks into usable sections, there are only a couple of large pieces remaining which have been left for another time. However, as is always the case, they are not in a very convenient place so Trevor and Adrian decide to move them. The crane is required […]