Whats Happening ?

23rd August

Just when it was needed, to extend the working platform on the side of the lock chamber for the crane to sit on, several loads of hard core were delivered to the site and Adrian used the Kubota excavator to level it out.

19th August

Adrian and Trevor continue working on rebuilding the western wall. Since the scaffold has been remove to facilitate the dredging process it is not easy to work on the face of the wall so they devote their energies on bringing the back of the wall up to its finished height. Lack of suitable stone and […]

18th August

Adrian and Trevor begin rebuilding the stone work on the outer end of the western wall. It is quite some time since either of them has done any building work on the lock chamber and they both had a very satisfying day.

9th August

Adrian removes an old fence post jammed inside and some of the silt deposited in the paddle tunnel and improves the through-flow of water.

8th August

John and Adrian make preparations to remove the western wall paddle gate. John had originally intended to burn off the bolts that hold the paddle frames to the wall but having insufficient oxygen to use with acetylene meant resorting to big hammers, cold chisels and brute force. After a great deal of hammering and the […]