Whats Happening ?

6th August

Trevor continues sorting the fuel system, replacing the cleaned fuel pipes, tank and installs a new filter. He and Adrian start the engine and Trevor takes it for a run around the site to ensure all is working well. Adrian has another practise on operating the grab bucket.


5th August 2009

Following the discovery that someone had removed the diesel fuel cap from the dumper truck, allowing rain water to enter the system, Trevor and Adrian decide to drain it, remove and clean the fuel filter and fuel tank, which turns it to be more difficult than first anticipated.

2nd August 2009

Alistair begins instructing Adrian on how to operate the grab bucket. Michael certainly makes it appear very easy but it is physically hard work and requires great concentration. Eventually and very tentatively Adrian lowers the grab bucket into the lock chamber and removes his first load of mud! This is a particularly difficult task because […]

1st August 2009

Alistair arrived on Friday night with the intention of teaching Adrian how to operate the crane over the weekend. However Michael also arrived and spent the whole day dredging silt from the lock chamber. He had nearly cleared it completely but the rising tide prevented him from seeing what was still left behind. Alistair and […]

24th July 2009

Trevor and Adrian dismantle the section of scaffolding standing at the entrance to the lock chamber on the eastern wall. There is still a lot of repair that is required to finish this wing but the scaffold is preventing Michael from clearing the silt beneath it..