Whats Happening ?

10th July 2009

Alistair and Adrian replace the transmission chain casing and refill it with new oil, make a few checks and then Alistair starts the engine. Finding and hearing no significant problems he cautiously begins to work the clamshell. Unfortunately the chain casing continues to leak oil where John repaired the split but it is very minor […]

9th July 2009

Trevor and Adrian begin reassembling the main clutch. The replacement clutch is a modified, improved version of the original, damaged one but that leads to some head scratching as to how best to fit it. The original bolts attaching the clutch to the engine are too long for the new one so they have to […]

8th July 2009

With a trailer full of bits of clutch, Hilary, Trevor and Adrian drive to Urmston, Manchester to see Mr Sanders. When they get there his opinion is that it would be quicker, more simple and cheaper, to replace the entire main clutch and housing than to try and rebuild the damaged one. A good second-hand […]

7th July 2009

Trevor and Adrian are at a loose end. Nothing can be done to the crane so they decide to devote some time to reorganising the storage shed which has become a bit of a mess.

Having spoken to George Sanders on the phone that day they are waiting to be told what spare parts Mr […]

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