Whats Happening ?

And yet more planks.

Adrian tries to start the crane since the tree trunks are too heavy to man-handle onto the saw-bench but discovers that the batteries are flat. This is not helped by the weather being very cold. Trevor attaches the battery booster and after several minutes of turning the engine over it eventually fires and begins […]

Ancient Egyptians meet Noah?

Its another cold but dry day which enables Trevor and Adrian to continue working on the wharf wall. They construct a ‘runway’by laying out scaffold planks and old pallets on which they intend to move three large coping blocks. The blocks have already been levered sufficiently off the boards on which they were cast to […]

Wall goes up, wall comes down!

While the good weather holds, Trevor and Adrian push on with rebuilding the wharf wall and are making rapid progress. They have been joined by Carol and David who make themselves useful in clearing the wall further along of the over-burden of loose material and collapsed stonework. David concentrates on a section which Trevor had […]

Progress on all fronts.

Now that the base of the lead tub-boat is the right way up Barry sets hs attention to cutting the recesses for the ribs and corner posts. He is helped by Carol who is armed with a very large chisel and mallet. Once the recesses have been marked out Barry uses a large diameter wood […]

Flipping boats and fallen walls.

Adrian has asked John to be Lift Master today to oversee the turning over of the tub-boat base. While Adrian starts the crane and warms the clutches, John and Trevor sort out lifting strops and arrange them around the base in such a way as to lift it from one side, off the platform . […]