Whats Happening ?

No holes in our floor!

Barry wasn’t due to work at Sea Lock today but decided that he would so he and Trevor continue fixing the bottom boards down but first Trevor connects his charger to the crane batteries which were flat last time they were required.. By lunch time the remaining boards have all been planed to a tight […]

More bottom boards go on.

Barry continues planing and setting the bottom boards in place. Trevor drills and counter-sinks holes for the bolts in between continuing the mucky job of applying bitumen and sizzle between the joints. As usual it is not before cutting tools, clamps and people have a liberal coating of the stuff. While all this is going […]

Getting it all together.

Trevor and Adrian sort through the stacks of boards that have been cut from the redundant balance beams and select ones suitable to cover bottom of the new tub-boat. Whilst they now have a large stock of timber, a lot of it is suffering from splits and rot or have bolt holes running through them. […]

And yet more big boys toys!

Adrian has managed to acquire not one but two Priestman Cub cranes which he intends to put to work at Sea Lock. The cranes are at present standing in a yard at Devizes so he and Norman travel there to meet up with Alistair. Although both machines have been idle for many years, with the […]

Waste not, want not!

Adrian has arranged with John Bowden to saw the latest delivery of redundant balance beams to sizes of boards that can be used to clad the base of the lead tub boat and today he arrives on site bringing his portable band saw with him. Roy Morris, another of Adrian’s friends, has recently acquired a […]