Whats Happening ?

Snake wrestling – a new sport!

The replacement link is easily fitted to the broken chain which is laid out on top of the right hand track. Trevor and Adrian give it a good dosing of oil and check that it and all the other links, which have also been liberally dosed, are moving freely and independently. The problem now is […]

The missing link? (Apologies to C.Darwin)

Following a telephone conversation with Mr G. Sanders from Urmstone yesterday from whom various spare parts for the RB22 have acquired in the past including the replacement 50ft boom and the main clutch, an order was placed for a new drive-chain link to replace the one which snapped when the chain came off. Much to […]

Working in a chain gang?












Adrian has been talking to John about the problem arising from the snapped drive chain. John decides to lend a hand to help Trevor and Adrian repair the damage. After some consideration and discussion it is agreed that the only way to remove […]

Into the New Year with a BANG and a CRASH!

When the Kubota tractor was last used, just before Christmas, it was not running vet well and kept losing power. Fuel starvation was suggested and since the fuel tank was nearly empty this seemed a likely explanation. Trevor and Adrian venture off to acquire a quantity of diesel which they duly fill the tractor tank […]

Bits and pieces.

While the weather continues to be frustratingly unreliable, trying to get much done outside somewhat haphazard. Trevor, Barry, Carol and David all turn up for ‘duty’ at Sea Lock today and Adrian can’t decide how best to use their time. Eventually Trevor and Barry begin measuring up and cutting the donated balance beams which will […]