Whats Happening ?

Out in the cold!

Today it’s a even colder than it was yesterday . Adrian is thinking that he may have the day off when Carol arrives. They decide to go to Barnstaple to collect a pair of towing eyes and shackles for the tub boat. On their return they insert the bolts into holes previously bored and countersunk […]

Where’s the tea boy?

Trevor has telephoned to say that he has caught a cold and is not feeling well enough to work at Sea Lock with Adrian. The fact that the temperature has plummeted makes Adrian secretly suspect that Trevor’s is ‘skiving’! Anyway, Adrian plans to ‘struggle on’ without his faithful side-kick and goes to work with David, […]

Steve for Chief Test Pilot?

First thing in the morning Trevor and Adrian return to Beam Quarry for a second load of facing stone. Having underestimated the quantity collected before this time they load what they think is substantially more into the trailer. this time the weighbridge states a load of 1.75 tons. Still not as much as they though […]

Full paddle ahead?

Adrian has to attend a meeting in South Devon today so Trevor and Steve are left to their own devices which is not necessarily a good idea! They get up to mischief! They spend the day working on the paddle boat. Mike has provide an old solenoid which Trevor wants to use in order to […]

The crew gets bigger.

A new volunteer, David McAspern, joined the gang today and for a while he and Adrian are at a bit of a loose end because the wet weather is preventing them from working outside. Barry and Carol in the meantime aere cutting and drilling two lengths of timber to fix to the bottom of the […]