Whats Happening ?

Cladding goes up.

Norman arrives to view the progress made on the tub-boat construction project.  He and Adrian can’t resist adding to it so they decide to offer up one of the long boards set aside for cladding the sides.  They mark out the board and cut it to length .  Next they apply a layer of trowelling bitumastic to the rebate on the chine where the board is going to sit and up the the ribs and corner posts to the height of the board.  Once again the board is offered up but this time it is clamped in place.

Holes are pre-drilled through the board and into the ribs into which 6 inch square galvanized nails are driven in.  The board is fixed to the corner posts by countersunk coach screws.   A coat of preservative is the applied to the new wood.  The first cladding board is permanently fixed in place.