Whats Happening ?

Cutting holes for wheels.

Barry, Trevor and Adrian spend quite a lot of time leveling and  squaring the chines for the lead boat.  The bow section has already been cut roughly to shape and Barry sets about accurately measuring and marking  out the dimensions of the boat and the positions where mortises have to be cut for the accommodation of the wheels.  He then uses his chain saw to rough-cut the holes and then a broad, wood chisel to clean the holes to the required shape and size.

In the meantime Trevor and Adrian jack-up the paddle boat so that work on replacing the rusted out floor can be undertaken more easily and comfortably.  The 3mm thick sheet steel which will be used to replace the rotten floor was only ordered this morning but delivery has been promised for Friday!

Today has been another miserably wet day.  Fortunately, being able to work under the shelter of the new ‘boat house’ roof has not hindered progress at all and the two boat projects are moving forwards very satisfactorily.